5 Things you should never power wash

Power washing is good way to clean anything from roof to footpaths, but not everything is safe to power wash, here is few things you should never power wash.
1. Electrical panels and meters
Probably most important part of each house is electric meter or any electric parts conected to the house. Don´t be even thinking to power wash your electric meter, otherwise you can cause damage, resulting in need for costly repair.
2. Air conditioner
If your house is connected to the A/C system and is time to clean it, don´t use pressure washer to clean it. High flow of water could damage delicate fins of your A/C unit. Instead of water use good quality hoover to clean it.
3. Timber windows frames and windows
If you think it is good idea to power wash your timber windows, you are wrong. With hihg pressure you can damage them and you will never repair them again as they were. If they are dirty, most efficient way to clean window frames is with soapy water and sponge.
4. Living things
This one is most important. NEVER presure wash humans, animals or plants. High water flow would casue damage to the skin, and will destroy your plants.
5. Gutters
You probably asking yourself why? Well for simple reason, gutters are not build to withstand rainstorm from your power washer. Imaginie that mess around when you start putting full blast of water into your gutters and they are full of debris, moss, old dirty water..., best way to clean the gutters is remove debris and any other dirt by hand and then rinse the inside of them with water.
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