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Tarmac restoration - How to do it

You will need:

Power washer, Driveway cleaner, Safety PPE, mask, gloves, safety glasses, Good quality tarmac restorer, Sweeping brush, Backpack sprayer, Paint brush, Medium pile roller.


In the step number one we need to spray tarmac with proper driveway cleaner. Please follow the instructions given by manufacturer. All work should be carried out with safety goggles, mask and gloves.


Good cleaning of your tarmac is the key for the next step, so make sure all moss, any debris or oil is removed as this would have negative impact to the final finish of your driveway.


Allow a minimum of 3-4 clear, dry days before sealing. Before coating, sweep area and remove any loose stones. Make sure product is thoroughly mixed with no sediment present.


For best results apply 2 coats in temperatures above 12C. Only apply if no rain is forecast for at least 6 hours. Sealer can be applied via a medium pile roller or large paint brush. Make sure a minimum of 2-4 hours is left between coats.

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